If a page can be printed, and most of them can, you will see a Tools drop-down in the upper right of your screen. 

From this drop-down, you can select the  Print/PDF option to open your browsers print dialog.

Once your browsers print dialog pops up you will see formatting and save options. In many cases, you can just hit  Print or Save as PDF and that will suffice. 

However, you may need to make some adjustments to the formatting options to get the page to print the way you'd like. There are 4 main settings that you should take note of in the print dialog box:

  1. Destination - select which printer to use, or where to save a PDF version of the page. 
  2. Layout - switch between portrait or landscape orientation.
  3. Scale - this allows you to zoom in/out and get the page positioned correctly. If you find that your printout is cutoff or it's not fitting on one page you will want to use this option to make it fit. 
  4. Background Graphics/Colors - this tells your printer whether or not to print background images and colors. You should make sure this option is turned on.

The print dialog screen is a bit different in every browser. Below are screenshots for some of the major browsers that point out the 4 main settings from above:




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