Team members can join your organization and view their schedule, request time off, input availability, and swap shifts with other people.

You can invite your team member by email and use a public registration page. This article covers both methods. 

Inviting Your Team By Email

Add a team member from the Settings => Team Members page. When adding a team member, make sure to include a valid email and ensure that Send Email Invite is enabled (see image below).

Once saved, your team member will receive an email invite to join your organization.

Inviting Multiple Team Members by Email

To send email invites to all team members who haven't activated their account, click on the Invite button. You should see a pop-up like the one below. 

Select the team members you would like to send invitations to, and submit the form.

Using the Public Registration Page

You can also invite team members to join your organization by sharing a public registration page. 

From the public registration page, team members can click on their name, enter their email and claim their account. 

To get the link to your public registration page, click on Invite button and select the Share Registration Page tab. 

Copy this link and share it with your team.

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