Here's a quick video about how to copy shifts: 

Copying Individual Shifts

You can copy individual shifts into the future by switching to the Copy tab from the shift edit form:

Select the other weekdays you'd like to duplicate the shift to and then save. You will see the shift get duplicated on each day of the week you selected. (The current day the shift is on can't be selected.)

You can also copy out to future weeks if you'd like. Toggle on this option, and then select how far out you'd like to copy the shift.

You can also copy shifts across days by holding down the shift key while dragging the shift to another cell. 

Copying Multiple Shifts

You may find yourself wanting to copy an entire schedule, or part of a schedule. You can do this using the Copy - Copy Week (or Day) option at the top of the page. 

This feature allows you to copy shifts from a previous week or day. It works by selecting the week (or day) in the past you'd like to copy from. 

It then duplicates those selected shifts into the week you are currently viewing. So, make sure to select the week you'd like to copy from, and not the week you'd like to copy to.

You can apply filters to the shifts you are selecting. For example, you could copy shifts for a specific team member, or for just one location.

Note: This help article talks about using the copy feature, but you can also achieve similar results using Schedule Templates.

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