Time off blockers are helpful when you need to restrict time off requests on specific days. 

Here's a video that covers how to use time off blockers.

Note: Time off requests must be enabled to use the time off blocker features. 

Creating Time Off Blockers

To create a new time off blocker, go to the Schedule - Time Off Requests page and click on the New button. Then click the Time Off Blocker option.

You should see a popup with a form like the one below. Update the fields and submit the form.

Once submitted, you should see the time off blocker on the calendar. 

If you don't see the time off blocker, check your filters and date range.

Editing and Deleting Time Off Blockers

To edit a time off blocker, click on it. Update the fields and submit the form. 

To delete a time off blocker, click on the Delete link at the bottom of the popup form.

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