If you are seeing the "Data Overload" message this means that you are trying to load too many shifts, timesheets, or other items on a single page. We show this message to prevent users from loading datasets that are too large. This message is a hint that there is a simpler and more performant way to view your data. 

Why can't I load all of my data?

We've built ZoomShift to work best for small to medium sized organizations – the majority of our customers. We have set a limit on the size of datasets that can be viewed on a single page. This allows us to build a better product for our target customers.  As a result, some extra large organizations may see the data overload message when they are viewing pages with no filters set.

How can I work around this? 

There are a two ways that you can work around this:

  1. Set some position or location filters so that you narrow the amount of data that is shown on the page. This is the right thing to do 90% of the time. If your organization is large enough that you're seeing this message then you likely have multiple positions and locations.
  2. Create multiple organizations to split up your data. If you have a really large organization with lots of team members and shifts/timesheets it might make sense to break this into multiple organizations. To learn more about this option and determine if it's right for you check out this help article
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