Shift error rules help you prevent overtime, shift conflicts, and other scheduling issues. 

Here's a video that explains how shift error rules work: 

Updating Shift Error Rules

To update your Shift Error Rules, go to the Settings page and click on the Shift Error Rules link. You will see a popup like the one below: 

  • Allow - when this option is chosen, no errors will be shown. 
  • Flag - when this option is chosen, shifts that break the rules will be marked with errors. 
  • Block - when this option is chosen, shifts will not be created and any shifts that are updated cannot be saved unless the error rules is overridden.

Update the form fields and submit the form. 

Viewing Shift Errors

To view shift errors, click on the shift and then click on the Errors tab. 

You will see a list of all the rules the shift is breaking. 

Overriding Shift Error Rules

To override shift error rules when the rule is set to block, enable the Ignore Shift Error Rules option. 

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