Time off requests are used to indicate when a team member is unable to work. They are typically used for vacation or leave. 

Note: Supervisors and managers can create and edit time off requests for team members. Employees can only create and edit time offs if the organization settings allow it.

Here's a video overview of the time off requests feature: 

Adding a New Time Off Request

From the Schedule - Team Schedule page, Schedule - Time Off Requests page, or Schedule - My Schedule page (if you are an employee), click the green New button in the upper right of your page. Next, click on the Time Off Request option. 

You will see a popup with a form. Fill in the fields and submit the form. 

Editing and Deleting Time Off Requests

To edit a time off request, click on it. You will see a popup form to edit the request's details. Update the fields and submit the form.

To delete a time off request, click on the Delete link at the bottom of the popup form.

Common Questions

How do I block time off requests on certain days?
You can block time of requests by using the Time Off Blocker feature. Click here to read the article about time off blockers. 

How do I require time offs to be submitted a few days in advance?
You can update your time off request notice setting from the Settings page. Click on the Time Off Requests option.

How do view time offs in a list or by the month?
To view time offs in a list or by the month, go to the Schedule - Time Off Requests page. Select Calendar or List from the view selector.

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