The shift cover feature helps team members find replacements for shifts when they are unable to work. No more calling down a list to find replacements.

Overview of Swap Covers

Here's how shift covers work:

  1. A team member requests a shift cover for a shift in the future. They select who they want to offer the shift to. By default, the shift is offered to anyone who is assigned to the same position and location as the shift.
  2. A supervisor approves (or denies) the request to cover. 
  3. If approved, the team members who are offered the shift are notified.
  4. The shift is picked up by another team member, completing the cover. 

Note: Available shifts are first come, first serve.

Creating a Shift Cover Request

To create a shift cover request, click on the shift you would like to offer. You should see a popup like the one below. Click on the blue Create Shift Cover Request button to create a shift cover. 

You will see a popup like the one below:  

You can offer the shift to anyone who is eligible to pick it up by using the Public option. Or, you can disable the Public option and choose who you would like to offer the shift to.

Once created, supervisors are notified. 

They can approve, deny, or edit the cover request from the Schedule - Shift Cover Requests page (or from Team Schedule page).

Once approved, team members who are eligible to pickup the shift are notified. They can see the available shift by clicking the Available Shifts link on the My Schedule page. 

Once complete, the shift cover request's status will change to Reassigned, and the team member who requested the cover is notified

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