The thought of an "auto-schedule" feature is definitely alluring. The ability to click one button and have your schedule magically built for you sounds pretty cool. However, from our experience this feature is "all show no go" for our customers.  

We've experimented with auto-scheduling in the past, and we've found that it doesn't add much (if any) value over Schedule Templates. With schedule templates you can save a snapshot of your schedule and reuse it in the future. Once you have a template built, this is just as fast as an auto-scheduler. Also, it creates a predictable schedule that you know works. Designing an auto-schedule feature that accounts for the many scenarios and exceptions of various organizations is not where we want to focus our attention. Our customers will benefit more from other features. 

There are organizations that might benefit from auto-scheduling, but these just aren't the types of organizations that ZoomShift is designed for. If this is a must-have feature for you then we probably aren't a good fit for your organization. 

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