We introduced our free Essentials plan about a year ago. Out of the gate it got solid traction, and over the last year we've earned a significant number of free accounts. As a software company, this is good and bad.

The goal of our free plan is to introduce businesses to ZoomShift. Some might stay on the free plan forever, while others eventually upgrade for more features. The tricky part is finding this balance. Unfortunately, we missed the mark with our old pricing and we had very few accounts upgrade from free to paid.

Having too many free accounts does not make for a sustainable business. We have infrastructure (servers, notifications, etc.) and customer support costs that increase with the number of free accounts we allow. This is what led us to reduce the features offered in the free Essentials plan. The basic attendance features (timesheets and time clock) and the ability to schedule two weeks out are now paid features. 

We hope that many of our free accounts can still use the free Essentials plan and a few decide to upgrade to Starter. We understand that some free accounts will decide to leave, but we believe this change is the best for our current and future accounts.

If you have any further questions about this change don't hesitate to contact us!

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