The kiosk (web) time clock is perfect for tracking time when you have a device that everyone has access to. 

Your team members can clock in and out using their email or a time clock pin. 

Enabling the Kiosk Time Clock

To enable or disable the time clock, go to the Settings page and click the Time Clock link. You should see a popup like the one below. 

Toggle the option for Kiosk Time Clock on or off if you would like to enable or disable the time clock, respectively. 

Setting up the Kiosk Time Clock

Open the browser on the device you would like to use as a time clock.

Click on the Attendance link in the header and then click on the Kiosk Time Clock link. This should open a link in a new tab (or window). 

You should see a page like the one below. 

Save this link as a bookmark on your device. 

Your team members can clock in from this link using their email or time clock PIN number. 

Common Questions

How do I set a time clock pin instead of using email address?
You can update the time clock pin from the Team page under the Time Clock PIN field. This value must be unique per user and can include a combination of letters and numbers. 

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