Timesheets can be created manually or by clocking in/out with our kiosk (web) and mobile time clocks. 

Once approved, timesheets are visible on the payroll report.

Note: Only team members assigned to the Manager role can edit and approve timesheets. Learn about roles and permissions, here

Creating and Editing Timesheets

Go to the Attendance - Team Timesheets page and click on a cell or the green New button. 

You should see a popup like the one below.

Edit the fields and submit the form. To edit a timesheet, click on it and update the fields. 

To delete a timesheet, click on it and then click on the Delete link located at the bottom left of the popup.

Timesheet Settings

To update your timesheet settings, go to the Settings page and click on the Timesheets link. 

You should see a popup like the one below.

Allowing Manual Entry of Timesheet

If you allow employees to manually create timesheets, they can create and edit timesheets, but they cannot approve them. Once approved, timesheets cannot be edited by employees.

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