We've made lots of changes, but we've worked hard to keep things "comfortable" for existing users. We think you'll like most of the improvements, but we know that sometimes change can be a pain. 

Here are some of the changes we want to call attention to for existing customers:


1. New Layout & Navigation

You'll notice it looks different, but a lot of things are still the same. We could walk you through every little change, but we think you'll feel right at home after a bit of clicking around.


2. Universal "New" Button

You'll notice a green New button on many of the pages. This is a quick way to create different objects from just about anywhere in the app. You can still create shifts and timesheets by clicking on the schedule or calendar views, but this button is handy when creating other items like time offs and availability.


3. No More Dashboard

The dashboard page has been removed in favor of separate My Schedule and My Timesheets pages. When you login you'll always be taken to your schedule page. 


4. Shift & Timesheet Error Rules

Building schedules and managing timesheets is hard work. We want ZoomShift to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible. This is why we've introduced a new engine for error rules. You can configure exactly which scenarios should trigger errors for both shifts and timesheets. Once set, all errors will be caught and highlighted for you.


5. Copying Shifts

You can still copy shifts by holding down Shift and then clicking and dragging a shift to a new cell. This is super fast and many of our customers love this! In addition to this, you can now copy shifts across multiple days at once and further into the future.


6. New Timesheet Views

We spent some time rethinking how timesheets should be displayed, and we decided to do the exact same thing we do for the schedule. This gives you all the same data as before, but now it's in an easier to understand format. We hope you like the switch!


7. Better Shifts vs. Timesheets Comparison

With the change in timesheet views comes a new way to compare shifts and timesheets. You can now see the difference in hours between shifts and timesheets right from the grid views. Also, you can see the scheduled shift times for each team member from the team grid.


8. Simpler Discussions

Discussions have been simplified. Instead of chat rooms, discussions are simple message boards that help you keep the conversation in one place. We will be adding the ability to add files, images, and formatting soon! You can still have private discussions with team members. 


9. Swaps Renamed to "Shift Covers"

Shift swaps are now called Shift Covers. This is just a verbiage change that we think makes things a bit more clear. Shifts are not actually "swapped" or traded but instead they are covered by other team members.

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