Events are a way to share time commitments with staff that are inside or outside of their scheduled shift times. 

Creating an Event

Editing and Deleting an Event

Organization Notifications for Events

Individual Team Member Notifications for Events

Creating an Event

You can enter an event on the Schedule page. Simply click +New in the upper right and choose Event

The box that will pop open will look like this, and is where you will enter all the information for your event. 

If All Day is toggled off, you will have the option it input dates and time periods. If you have it on, the event will be scheduled for the whole day. 

Select one or more Positions and Locations that the event applies to, or leave them blank for events that involve everyone in your organization. 

Choose to Send Notifications to staff upon creation of this event to notify the team members involved, or leave it off  and the Event will just be published on the involved team member's schedules.

Events looks like this on the schedule.

Editing & Deleting an Event

To Edit or Delete an event you simply click on the event on the schedule. It will open up into a box like this. 

You can Edit any information in this box, and click Save, or if you want to Delete the Event, just click Delete in the lower left. 


Organization Notifications

You can manage how your Team Members are able to be notified for Events by going into Settings>Notifications. 

Just toggle on the switches next to the ways you want Team Members to be Notified. 

*Please note that even if you have notifications on for your organization, it does not mean your employees will receive them (Please see explanation below on Individual Team Member Notifications)

Individual Team Member Notifications 

Each Team Member has their own Notification Preferences (These are separate from the ones in your organizational Settings>Notifications, but are influenced by them)where they identify what they want to be notified about and how. 

These settings can be found on the Web App by clicking your initials in the upper right, and choosing Notification Preferences. 

You can find them on the Mobile App under Settings>Notification Preferences 

Whether using the mobile or web app, the options for Notifications are the same, and your Team Members must have on their Notifications for Events, and be asking to receive them in a way the Organization allows in their settings, in order to receive them. 

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