ZoomShift has a series of notifications you can set. In this article we will discuss all the different types, how you locate them, and what they are used for. 

Organization Wide Settings

Shift Notifications

Notification Preferences

Organization Wide Settings

Organization Wide Settings can be found in Settings>Notifications, and control how you want your Team Members to be notified of scheduled/open/edited shifts, time off, events, shift cover requests, and discussions.

Simply toggle on or off next to any of the notification types to allow or not allow notifications to be sent this way. 

*Please note that even if you have notifications on for your organization, it does not mean your employees will receive them (Please see explanation below on Individual Team Member Notifications for more information)

Shift Notifications

This setting is found in Settings>Shift Notifications

This setting covers just Individual Shift Notifications. 

If this setting is On, as soon as one shift is published or edited, a notification will automatically go out to the Team Member it applies to. If it is Off, then notifications are only sent out when shifts are Published in bulk. 

Notification Preferences

Each Team Member has their own Notification Preferences (These are separate from the ones in your organizational Settings>Notifications, but are influenced by them), where they identify what they want to be notified about and how. 

These settings can be found on the Web App by clicking your initials in the upper right, and choosing Notification Preferences. 

You can find them on the Mobile App under Settings>Notification Preferences

Notification Preferences cover a variety of instances when you may want a notification to come to you. If you do not want notifications for one of the scenarios you can leave the row unchecked. If you do want to be notified you simply choose how, by checking Email, Text, and/or Mobile. 

For example, If I check off that I want to be notified via email regarding shifts being published or cancelled, but the Notifications for the organization have email toggled off, I will not receive emails for that. The same goes for if I am a Manager publishing shifts. If I have that I want emails sent out in the Notifications setting, if that employee does not have email checked, that employee will not receive the email. 

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