Roles & Permissions

There are three roles in ZoomShift you can assign to Team Members: Manager, Supervisor, & Employee. Each Role comes with different Permissions. In this help doc we will walk through how to assign Roles, adjust Permissions, and Customize roles.

Assigning a Role to a Team Member

Ownership Role & Permissions

Customizing Role Permissions-Owner Only


Assigning a Role to a Team Member

Roles can be given and found on the Team page. Simply click the Team Member (or click +New in the upper right to create a new one), and choose the role within the Permissions tab.


Managers have full permissions except that they are not able to edit account or billing information. Managers can add/edit team members and see team member wages. The manager role/permission is most often assigned to general managers and owners that did not create the account.


Supervisors have permissions to add/edit shifts and approve/deny requests, however, they can’t add or edit team members, adjust settings (positions, locations, etc.), see team member wages, or edit timesheets. 

Many organizations will assign the supervisor role to team members who are trusted to edit the schedule, but they are not allowed to see team member wages. This often means that shift managers or assistant managers are assigned to this role.


Employees are not allowed to edit the schedule, edit timesheets, or see other team member wages. They are only allowed to view shifts, request time off for themselves, and request shift swaps for their own shifts.

Ownership Role & Permissions


Each ZoomShift account has only one owner. By default, the owner of the account is the person who created the account. The owner has full permissions. Only owners and Billing Liaisons can view and edit billing information. 

Billing Liaisons

Billing liaisons can view and edit ZoomShift account information including invoices, subscription info, and account status.

Here is a matrix of roles and permissions in ZoomShift:

Customizing Role Permissions (Premium Feature)

If you are an owner on a Premium Plan you have the ability to customize ZoomShift's Standard Roles: Employee, Supervisor, Manager. Customizing will allow you to pick or choose what each role can do to tailor it to the needs of your business. 

You can customize Roles in Settings>Roles & Permissions

When you open this tab you will see all Roles with their default permissions checked off:

Simply check and uncheck permissions to customize the roles to your needs. All changes will be noted in the History tab at the bottom left after saving. Anytime this tab is entered after a change has been made away from the defaults, the heading will show "Edited".

To restore defaults simply use the Reset to Default button on the bottom left. 

Important: Changes made to a role apply to all Team Members assigned to that role, as soon as Save is clicked. 


Can I customize a role for just 1 Team Member? Not at this time. Right now, role customization applies to all Team Members assigned to that Role. 

What happens if I move to a Starter Plan after adjusting my permissions on a Premium? What you customized will be retained, but no further changes will be able to be made.

I customized something for a Role and it did not turn out like I expected. Can you help? Due to the number of customizations, it is hard to cover every scenario that could occur. Sometimes to get a specific result you may need to adjust more than 1 thing for a role or adjust a setting that is blocking the result you want. If there is something you are attempting to achieve and need help, feel free to reach out to Support directly.

At my business my Supervisors do not make the schedule, so I do not want them to do that. How can I change that? Roles can be assigned based on tasks you want them to be able to achieve versus being thought of as job titles. If a Supervisor that works for you does not make schedules, but another one does. Give the supervisor who does not do the schedule an Employee Role. If all Supervisors do not do this, you can make them all Employees, or if you are a Premium Subscription user, consider using Customizable Role Permissions to adjust the Supervisor Role permissions. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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