Importing Team Members

Importing via CSV

The most common way to add a large number of team members is to import them via a CSV file. 

To do this, go to the Team page, click on the Tools button in the upper right, and then click Import via CSV.

You will see a pop-up like the one below

Click Download CSV Template. You will need to use this template versus your own, as we have formatted this one specifically to work for this purpose.

After saving the file you can then enter your team information into it. Once it is done, upload it using the  Choose File button. If the file is formatted correctly and the data does not have any errors, all of your team members will be imported! You will receive an email letting you know it was a success.

Import File Guidelines

  • You can’t import more than 250 team members per file.
  • If you have more than 250 team members you will need to import them on multiple templates
  • The file must be in CSV format. 
  • If an email or mobile number is invalid you will see an error message. 
  • If a Time Clock PIN is used more than once, this will cause an error. 
  • If an email or name already exists on your Team List, this will cause an error.

Note: If an error occurs, you will be notified of the error and what caused it via email. Only the entries that triggered the error will not upload, but all other team members will still upload.

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