Plan Feature Breakdown

This article breaks down which features are included in each plan and answers other common questions regarding plans. 

To keep things simple, we have Two plans: Starter and Premium.

Our goal is to keep our plan structure as easy-to-understand as possible. If you're looking for prices, you can find this on our pricing page.

Plan Dependent Features

These are the features that are available based on your plan:

Employee Schedule - the core "schedule maker" within ZoomShift. This is where you manage all of the scheduled shifts in your organization. 
Plans: Starter, Premium

Availability & Time Offs - team member availability preferences and time off requests. You can view these on the schedule so you can easily see who is able to work when.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Shift Cover Requests - the ability for team members to request shift coverage when they can't (or don't want to) work a shift.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Timesheets & Time Clock - the "attendance" features within ZoomShift. Timesheets are the records of when your team members were actually working. The time clock allows your team members to punch in/out to create corresponding timesheets.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Payroll Report - a report that calculates regular hours and gross wages based on team member timesheets.
Plans: Premium, Starter

Automatic Reminders - notifications that are sent to team members reminding them when they work and to clock in if they forget.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Calendar App Sync - sync your shifts in ZoomShift with your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Text Message Notifications - text messages sent to your team members to keep them in-the-loop. These are in addition to email and mobile push notifications that are included with every plan. Plans: Starter, Premium

Activity Logs - view the history of all actions taken on shifts, timesheets, time offs, etc.
Plans: Starter, Premium

Overtime Warnings - warnings on shifts and timesheets when team members go into daily, double daily, or weekly overtime.
Plans: Premium

Overtime Reports- Reporting of overtime calculated on the Payroll page

Shift Rules - customizable rules that control when shifts should be flagged as errors or completely blocked from being created.
Plans: Premium

Timesheet Rules - customizable rules that control when timesheets should be flagged as errors or completely blocked from being created.
Plans: Premium

GPS Time Clock - track the location of your team members when they punch in or out using the mobile time clock. You can view the location of each punch when viewing the history of a timesheet.
Plans: Premium

Schedule vs. Timesheets - metrics that show the performance of your scheduled shifts vs. the actual time your team members worked. These are a great way to spot errors in timesheets, or find team members that are milking the clock.
Plans: Premium

Core Features

These are other features that are part of the core product and included with every plan:

Email & Mobile Push /Notifications - customizable notifications that are sent to all team members to keep them in-the-loop.

Discussions - create messages and communicate with your team.

Open Shifts - publish shifts that are unassigned and have your team members offer to pick them up.

Events - add organization events right to the schedule and notify team members.

Still have more questions, or want to know more about how a specific feature works? Reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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