How do I Transfer Ownership of My Account to Someone Else?

At some point you may sell your business, the original owner of the account may leave or switch roles, or you may decide someone else would be a better fit for managing your ZoomShift account. 

Note: You must be the current owner of the account to do an account transfer. If you are not the current owner you can contact Support, or have the owner contact support on your behalf. 

Transfer the account in Settings>Transfer Ownership

When you click that button a screen like the one below will open and will prompt you to choose the new owner from the list of members currently in your organization.  (If the person you want to transfer ownership to is not an active team member, you will need to add them on the Team page and invite them prior to transferring ownership). 

Once you click the Transfer Ownership button it is done. 

Common Questions: 

What if the original owner left the company and we no longer have any contact with them? Reach out to Support. ZoomShift support can help make contact with them, and if it is not successful other options can be explored.

Who is the best choice to be owner of an account? It is best to choose someone within the company that will be consistent and not change. Remember that the owner's main role is to oversee the ZoomShift account and billing. Managers and Supervisors can be set beneath them to do scheduling, timesheets, and so on. Choosing someone who will most likely always be with the business creates the least stress surrounding the account ownership status. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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