Navigating Between Organizations & Accounts

Switching between Organizations

Switching between Accounts

Switching between organizations:

If you belong to more than one organization that is under one main account, then you will need to switch between those organizations to view your schedule, clock in/out, view timesheets, and connect over discussions. You can switch between them easily within the mobile app or on the web app.

Mobile App: 

You can switch between organizations on mobile in Settings>Switch Organization

Web App:

You can switch between organizations on the web by clicking your organization name in the upper left and choosing the organization you want to go into. 

Switching between Accounts:

If you belong to more than one account on ZoomShift with the same email, you will need to be able to switch between both accounts. You can do this easily on the mobile or web app. 

Mobile App:

You can switch between accounts on mobile in Settings>Switch Account

Web App:

You can switch between accounts on the web by clicking on your initials in the upper right and choosing Switch Accounts

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