There are two types of reminders you can set within ZoomShift Settings: Shift Reminders & Time Clock Reminders, and one that can be done from your schedule page. All are discussed below. 

Shift Reminders

Time Clock Reminders

Shift Reminders: 

Found in Settings>Shift Reminders

Shift reminders are a useful tool for reminding Team Members that a scheduled shift is coming up. This helps decrease missed shifts. You can choose whether to toggle off or on this setting. If it is toggled Off, team members will not be notified prior to a shift that the shift time is coming up. If it is toggled On, you can choose how far in advance a team member will be notified of the upcoming shift. Notifications will be sent out based on your Notification Settings for your organization.  

Time Clock Reminders: 

Found in Settings>Time Clock Reminders

Time Clock Reminders include Employee Clock in Reminders & Supervisor Clock in Reminders. 

If you toggle On Time Clock Reminders you open up the ability for a set of reminders to go out in the case of a missed clock in from a Team Member.

  • The Employee Clock in Reminder- This reminder will send out notifications after the specified period of time, based on your Notification settings, to remind a team member they have not clocked in for their scheduled shift. (Please Note this setting applies to all team members, regardless of role, who have a scheduled shift from the owner down to the employees.)
  • The Supervisor Clock in Reminder- This reminder is there to notify Managers & Supervisors that a Team Member did not clock in for their shift. This allows them to take action to figure out why a Team Member is not working their scheduled shift, and also draws admin attention to Team Members who arrive late to shifts. 

Manual Reminders

Separate from your organization settings for Reminders, you can send a reminder from the Schedule-All page manually. You can do this by clicking on a shift, and choosing Remind from the bottom of the box that pops up. 

It will pop open a box where you can enter a message to the Team Member on the shift you selected.

Simply click Send Reminder when you are ready, and it will go out to that Team Member in whatever way(s) you have set in your Settings>Notifications. 

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