Requirements to Pick Up a Shift

Sometimes it can be confusing why you're not allowed to pick up a shift. To help with the confusion, here is a checklist that covers all the requirements for picking up a shift:

1. Is the shift open or does it have an approved shift cover request? 

First things first, a shift needs to be an Open Shift or have an approved Shift Cover Request in order for you to pick it up. 

2. Is the shift published and in the future?

If a shift is not published, or it is in the past you are not allowed to pick it up. Make sure you're clicking on the right shift and it's in the future.

3. Is the shift offered to you? 

When creating Open Shifts or Shift Cover Requests, the creator can select whether the shift should be offered to everyone or just some team members. If it is not a Public Offer, and you aren't included in the specific team members list, then you won't be able to pick up the shift.

4.Are you assigned to the shift's position and location? 

You need to be assigned to the shift's position and location to pick it up. If you think you should be able to pick up a shift, this is a good one to check. You can ask your manager to edit the positions and locations you're assigned to.

5. If you pick up the shift, will it break a shift error rule? 

This will not prevent you from seeing the option to pick up a shift, but it will prevent the pick up from saving. This happens when reassigning the shift to you causes a shift error that is set to block mode.

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