Getting to know ZoomShift- Employee

Welcome to ZoomShift!

As a new Team Member there can be a lot to learn. Below we will review the basics so you can begin navigating and using ZoomShift more confidently.

Home Screen
Viewing your Schedule
Clocking in via the Kiosk or Mobile App
Starting and Stopping a Break
Availability & Time Off Requests
Shift Cover Requests
Picking up Available Shifts

Home Screen

When you sign into ZoomShift via the Mobile App or Web App you will see your Home Screen. As a new employee there might not be a whole lot to see yet, but over time this will be the place you will go to view your upcoming schedule, see the last time you worked, view open shifts, and see if there are any Time Off Requests or Shift Cover Requests still waiting for manager approval. 

Viewing Your Schedule

You can view your schedule one of two ways. You can view it on your home screen, as shown above, or via the Schedule tab. You can get to the schedule tab by clicking the button on your home screen that says View your Schedule or by clicking Schedule>Schedule at the top. (*If you are on the mobile app you will get to your schedule screen by clicking Schedule on the bottom, and choosing All or Yours at the top of the screen)



From the Schedule tab you can view Yours or All. Yours is the schedule that only shows your shifts.  All is the schedule that shows shifts for everyone in your organization (Note: Not all employees are able to see the All schedule.) 

Now that you know how to access your schedule, let's talk about how to begin to enter information into your schedule. As an employee there are a few basic things you can do. View your schedule, add Availability, request Time Off, and create a Shift Cover Request. These simple tasks will be covered below. 

Clocking in via the Kiosk or Mobile App

Depending on your Employer, you may use the Kiosk to clock in, the Mobile App, or Both. Below we will break down how to do that.


The Kiosk Time Clock is a Time Clock that is set up at your work location and will be used to clock in and out for shifts. When using a Kiosk you will be brought to a screen similar to this:

You will need to use your email or your Time Clock Pin to Clock in and Out. This will be based on your employer's settings. Once you have entered your email or the Time Clock Pin, you will be brought to a screen like this:

As soon as you click Clock In the Timesheet will begin. When you are ready to Clock Out go back to the Kiosk and use your email or Time Clock Pin to Clock Out. 

Mobile Time Clock

The Mobile Time Clock will be accessed via your phone using the Free ZoomShift App, and will be on your Home Screen. Simply Click the Clock In/Out button to clock into a Shift, or out of a Shift. 

Starting and Stopping a Break

If your employer allows Breaks, you can click the Clock In/Out button on the Time Clock, while currently clocked in, and choose the option to Start Break or Stop Break. The Steps are outlined below:

1. Click Clock In/Out Button

2. Choose  Start Break

3. When your Break is done click Clock in/Out button

4. Choose  Stop Break to End your Break and continue your Shift, or, click Clock Out to End your Break and your Shift at the same time. 

Availability & Time Off Requests

You can enter Availability and Time Off Requests on either your Schedule-All or Schedule-Yours screen. Just simply click the green +New button in the upper right. 

*Please note that on the Mobile app you have all the same options, but instead of clicking +New in the upper right you would click the Green + in the lower right when under Schedule. 


Availability is the way you show when you are, or are not available to work. Availability can be a one time thing, or something that is repeated. When you choose Availability from the drop down a box will pop open. You will have a choice of date to start your availability, options to have it repeat Forever, or end on a specific date. You can choose a time range or all day. You can also choose whether the availability is for a time you prefer to work or a time you prefer not to. 

Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests are a formal way to ask for Time Off. It differs from Availability, as Availability is a suggestion, and Time Off is an agreement between you and your employer (once approved). You can enter a Time Off Request in +New>Time Off Request (On the Web), or +>Time Off Request (On Mobile). 

There are two types of Time Off that can be requested: Paid Time Off and Unpaid Time Off. 

  • Time Off Request- No Paid Time Off: If your Employer does not allow for Paid Time Off, this is how your Time Off Request form will look. Simply fill out the form Choosing a date range of 1-30 days.  Toggle ON All Day to ask off for the Full Day or Toggle OFF to choose exact times. Once all information is added hit Create. 
All Day request
Partial Day

Time Off Request- Paid Time Off Option: If your Employer allows for Paid Time Off you will see an option to choose a Time Off Category. This is where you will choose from a list of Paid and Unpaid options for your Time Off. Toggle ON All Day to ask off for the Full Day or Toggle OFF to choose exact times. Once you have filled out the form and included all applicable days, simply click Create. 

Shift Cover Requests

Shift Cover Requests are a tool you can use to swap a shift with another employee. In some organizations Shift Cover Requests require approval and in others they don't. Talk to your manager to find out their policy for shift cover requests. To put a shift up for cover you can simply click on the shift you are scheduled for and choose to Create Shift Cover Request.

When you click that blue button the box will open up with options. 

Enter a Note to tell your manager and fellow employees why you need out of your shift. Choose to offer it for Public Offer, or toggle that option off to choose to pick one or more specific team members you want to offer it to. 

"Picking Up" Available Shifts

You can find & pick up an Open Shift or a Shift Cover Request on your Schedule-Yours by finding and clicking on the Available Shifts button. 

A box like this will pop open. it will contain all available shifts including Open Shifts and Shift Cover Requests.

Click on the shift you want. Then choose Pick Up Shift (See Photo Below).

This shift will now be added to your schedule.

Want to pick up a shift, but can't? Here is an article for that: Requirements to Pick-up an Open Shift

Congrats on taking the first steps to get to know ZoomShift! If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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