Discussions are used facilitate communication within your organization. Whether, you want to communicate about a new policy, keep an ongoing admin discussion going, or remind the team of something, discussions create a place for those conversations. 

Navigating to the Discussions Tab

Creating a New Discussion

Editing Discussions

Archiving Discussions

Deleting Discussions

You can find discussions in the Message tab on the header of the screen. 

But, before you start any discussions you will want to make sure your settings for them are as you would like. You can adjust your Discussion Settings in Settings>Discussions. 

You can choose to Allow or not allow Discussions by toggling on or off Discussions. If you toggle on Employee Discussions then All team members can create a discussion. If it is toggled Off , then only managers/Supervisors can create a discussion. 

Creating a New Discussion

To create a new discussion, go to the Messages>Discussions and click +New in the upper right. 

A box will pop open that looks like this.

Subject: This is what the discussion will be called. 

First Comment: This will be the first message team members will see in the thread. 

Public: If a discussion in Public it can be viewed by the entire organization. If Public is turned off you will get an option to choose Team Members. Simply check off who you want as part of this discussion. 

Send Notifications: You can choose to notify team members or not upon the creation of this thread. 

* Please Note: Notifications will be sent out based on organizational settings in Settings>Notifications. And based on each team member's personal notification preferences. Please see article on Notifications for further details. 

Viewing ongoing discussions

When Team Members want to view active discussions (That they are included in) they can go to the discussion page and view them. They will look like this. The most recent discussions at the top. 

They can click on a discussion to view the thread. 

Editing Discussions

To Edit a discussion just click on it and choose Tools>Edit Discussion

You can Edit the Subject of the discussion and who it is visible to from this box that pops up. 

Archiving Discussions

Archived discussions are completed discussions, in which you no longer want to continue to have comments on. You can Archive Discussions by clicking on the thread you wish to archive and choose Tools>Archive Discussion.

You will see this message at the bottom when a discussion is archived. 

Deleting Discussions

You can delete a discussion by going to the discussion you wish to delete and going to Tools>Delete Discussion.

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