Inviting Team Members

There are 3 different ways to Invite Team Members to your ZoomShift Organization:

Inviting a Team Member as you Create Them

Inviting One or More Team Members by Email

Sharing the Public Registration Page

Invite Status

Inviting a Team Member as you Create Them

Add a team member from the Team page. When adding a team member, make sure to include a valid email to ensure they can receive an Invite to join your Organization on ZoomShift.

Once you click Create, the Team Member is officially added to your Active Team Members list. 

Inviting One or More Team Members by Email

To send email invites to all team members who haven't activated their account, click on the Invite button. 

You should see a pop-up like the one below. 

Select the team members you would like to send invitations to, and click Send Email Invites

Sharing the Public Registration Page

You can also invite team members to join your organization by sharing a public registration page. 

Click Invite at the top right of the Team page and choose Share Registration Page at the top of the box that pops up.

Simply copy this link and share it with your team.

*Please note: in order to use the registration page you will need to have it enabled in Settings>Registration Page.

Invite Status

As you are creating your Team Members and inviting them, you can check in on their invite status on the Team Page. Their status will let you know if their invite has been accepted, is still pending, has not been sent, or if there was any issues with the email entered.

 Not Invited- This Team Member has not yet been sent an invitation to join ZoomShift.  

Invite Pending- This Team Member has been sent an invite, but has not yet accepted it and registered for your organization. 

Invite Accepted- This Team Member has accepted their invite and is registered for your organization on ZoomShift. They can access their schedule and account.

Bad Email- Email is not found and may be incorrect. (If you feel this is in error, please reach out to Support for further assistance.)

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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