Managing Locations

Managing Locations

Locations are a way to let a team member know where they are working. Locations represent the physical work location where the shift will occur. These locations can be verified addresses, or can be a location within the business they will be working (I.E. 3rd Floor Cafeteria, Fine Art Exhibit). You can have no locations, one, or many. It is up to you. 

Viewing Locations

To view Locations, go to the Settings page and click LocationsA box will pop up like the one below. All your locations are saved here. 

A Green ✔️ next to an address means it is a verified address. A Red ✖️ means it is not verified. 

Note: You will need to use verified addresses if you want to be able to have Team Members clock in and out from a certain radius surrounding their job site. 

Creating Locations

To create a location simply click the green +New Location button at the bottom of the box (As seen above), and a box like the one below will open. 

Enter the the Location Name and choose the Team Members who can work at this location. 

Keep Physical Address turned OFF, if you do not want to enter a street address for this location, or if this location dos not have a street address. 

If you want to enter a Physical Address. Turn it on, and address fields will be generated beneath. 

Editing & Deleting Locations

You can Edit or Delete a location by clicking on it within the Settings>Locations box. 

To Edit simply change the information you want to change and click Save. 

To Delete simply click the Delete button at the bottom left of the Edit Location box. 

Viewing Locations on Schedule

Locations are shown on all shifts where one is selected and will show up right after their Name and Position.

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