Building a Schedule

The Basics of Building a Schedule 

Once you have created your organization and invited your employees you will need to begin creating a schedule. Below we outline the basics of building a schedule, including creating assigned and open shifts, publishing shifts, and creating shift templates. 

Creating Assigned Shifts 

Copying Shifts

Creating Open Shifts

Publishing Shifts

Creating a Week Template

Deleting Shifts

Creating Assigned Shifts 

You can begin to create shifts from the Schedule screen. 

Once on that page, choose All. This is the schedule that will contain all shifts for your organization. 

Create a shift by clicking +New in the upper right corner and Shift. 

Fill in shift information including Team Member(s), Location, Date, Start Time, End Time, and Wage. 

To learn more details about scheduling more than one person for a single shift, see: Multi-Shift Assignments

Copying Shifts

Want the shift to repeat? Click on the Copy tab at the top and choose the details.

*Quick Scheduling Tip- On the schedule screen you can quickly copy already made shifts by holding down Shift and dragging them to where you want a duplicate shift. The original shift will stay in place and the shift copy will travel to where ever you drop it. 

Once you are done click Save to keep it Unpublished (think of unpublished as a draft. It will be on the schedule, but not visible to your employees). Or, if you are ready to make it visible to Team members, click Save & Publish.

Creating Open Shifts

Open shifts are shifts that employees can pick up, but are not assigned to a specific person.

You create an open shift the same as you would an assigned shift. You click +New>Shift but, instead of assigning a person under Team Member, you would choose Open Shift. 

Slots are how many of this shift are available. As each shift is picked up that number will go down, until the shifts are no longer available. 

Make it Public Offer to offer it to all eligible employees, or you can Offer to Team Members by turning off Public Offer. This allows you to choose one or more specific employees you want this shift offered to. 

Click Save to keep it unpublished, or Save & Publish to allow employees to begin to pick them up. All eligible employees or chosen employees for these shifts will see these Open Shifts as Available Shifts on their schedule. Please note that employees must have the Location and Position assigned to that Open Shift assigned to them on the Team Page, to be considered Eligible. 

Publishing Shifts

Once you have built your schedule it is time to release it to your Team. You can do this one by one, by clicking on each unpublished shift and clicking Save & Publish. Or you can publish all unpublished shifts at once by clicking Tools>Publish Shifts. This will allow you to publish all shifts in a given time range at once. 

You will see the box below pop up when you do a Bulk Publish from Tools>Publish Shifts. From here you can publish any shifts within your specified date range, as well as can send notifications to all assigned employees or all employees in your team. You can even send a message along with the Notification. 

On the schedule an unpublished shift will be noted with lines through it, while a published shift will not. 

Creating a Week Template

Like this schedule you just created? Want to use these same shifts again? Save it as a Week Template

You can save any week of shifts, Published or Unpublished, as a shift template. Simply click Copy>Create Week Template

When you want to use that template again, go to the week you want it on and click Copy>Apply Week Template. 

Deleting Shifts

You can delete any shift by clicking on the shift you want to delete, and choosing the Delete button on the bottom left.

Want to delete multiple shifts? No problem. Go to Tools>Delete Shifts to Delete Shifts in bulk.

Simply choose your date range, and then click Delete to Delete All shifts targeted within that range. (Please double check all shifts targeted you want deleted, before clicking Delete. Deleted shifts cannot be recovered.)

Tip: Want to delete only specific shifts in bulk (I.E. A single Team member, unpublished shifts, etc)? Use one or more Filters to target only specific shift types, and then use the bulk delete process outlined above: Utilizing Filters

Congrats on gaining the knowledge to create your first of many schedules! If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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