Utilizing Week & Shift Templates

Templates are a great way to autofill information to make scheduling faster and more efficient. 

Week Templates

Shift Templates

Week Templates

If you are a business that uses the same schedule patterns over and over, or if you have team members who work the same schedule all the time, utilizing a Week Template could make scheduling much easier. 

You can save any week of shifts, Published or Unpublished, as a shift template.

Creating a Week Template


1. Create a schedule or use an existing week of shifts.

2. Use Add Filter to filter out any shifts or team members you do not want as part of the template. For example: If Tom and Jess are two team members whose schedules stay consistent week to week, you would filter by Tom & Jess, so that the other team members are not included. You could also do this if you want to create templates by position. Simply filter by the position you want.

3. Once you have the shifts you want visible, simply click  Copy>Create Week Template

This will create a copy of these shifts to be used at a later time. 

Applying a Week Template

When you want to use that template again, go to the week you want it on and click Copy>Apply Week Template. 

Common Questions:

What if my schedule stays consistent, but the person who works the shift changes week to week? Create your shifts as all open shifts first, and then create the week template. This means that when you apply it, the shifts are done, and you simply just need to assign them all. 

How do I edit a Week Template? Go far out into the future, where a schedule is currently not applied. Go to Copy>Apply Week Template. From there you can move around this shifts, reassign them, or add new shifts to a template. Then simply save them as a new template and delete the old one. 

How do I delete a Week Template? You can delete a Week Template by going to Copy>Apply Week Template. Choose the template you want to delete and click on it. Instead of choosing to Apply it, choose Delete. 

Can I have more than one Week Template? Yes, you can have as many as you want. 

Shift Templates

Shift Templates are common shift information you use again and again. For example, if you always have waitresses that work 8am-2pm at the East Side Cafe, then you could create a shift template that would automatically populate the time and break information instead of you needing to enter it. 

Creating Shift Templates

Shift Templates can be created in Settings>Shift Templates. 

When you click that Shift Templates button you will be able to view any shift templates you have, as well as add new ones. The box for adding a new shift template will look like below:

Once it is created you can utilize it while scheduling. Simply open a New Shift box and click on the Shift Template dropdown: 

Common Questions:

Can I edit my shift templates? Yes. Simply go to Settings>Shift Templates, and click on the template you would like to edit. Edit the fields you would like to change and click Save. 

Can I delete my shift templates? Yes. Simply go into Settings>Shift Templates, and click on the template you want to delete. Choose Delete at the bottom left of the box that pops up. 

Can I have more than one shift template? Yes.

Why do my Position and Location do not autofill on my Template? Currently Position and Location on the Templates do not autofill. Only Start and End Times, as well as the Unpaid Break field. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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