Multi-Shift Assignments

Creating Multi-Shift Assignments

You can quickly schedule like shifts for multiple team members on the Schedule-All page. 

Click the green +New  button in the upper right, and choose Shift

The New Shift box will open. Click on the Team Members drop down and choose the team member(s) and/or group(s) you want to be scheduled out together. 

Once two or more People and/or groups are selected two things will happen:

1. Position and Location Fields will grey out and say Multiple Positions and Multiple Locations

2. The Assignments Tab will appear

Multiple Positions/Locations: This means the Primary Position & Location for each Team Member will be used. If one or both are not assigned, the last scheduled Position and/or Location will be used. This means that if Anne last worked as a Server at the East Side Cafe, that Position and Location will be used. 

Assignments: If you wish to view or edit the Position and Location assigned to the chosen Team Members, simply open the Assignments tab. 

From here you can edit Positions and Locations to be used for those Team Members for the shift Date and Time selected on the Details tab. 

Once all information is entered as you would like, you can click Save to save the shifts as Unpublished, or click Save & Publish to immediately make them Published shifts.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Can I enter a manual wage that will stay with the Multi-Shift Assignment I create? Since Multi-Shift Assignments involve multiple team members with different wages, the wage will default to the wages in the team page. You may note that once more than 1 person is attached to a single shift the Hourly wage will be blank. This indicates that default wages are being used. If you wish to override using default wages, simply click on the hourly wage field and enter the wage you want to use. This wage will then be applied to all the selected Team Member's shifts. 

Can I edit or delete the multi-Shift Assignments I created all at one time? Once shifts are created in bulk, they become their own separate shifts and are no longer tied together. Currently, this means, if you wish to edit or delete them, you will need to delete them as you would any other shift- Delete them individually, or use Filters to isolate a set of shifts and delete them in bulk using Tools>Delete Shifts. 

What if the defaulted or Primary Position/Location is not what I want for one or more of the Team Members I chose to schedule? Use the Assignments tab to edit Positions and Locations.

What if when in the Assignments tab the Position & Location field is blank for one or more Team Members? This means that a default Location and/or Position will be used if a Position and/or Location are not selected within the Assignments tab. 

Can I create a Multi-Shift Assignment that reoccurs out into the future? Yes. You can use the Copy tab when creating the shift and copy the shifts to other days of the week. You can then repeat the pattern into the future. 

What if I am going to use this same schedule structure again and again? Do I have to keep doing Multi-Shift Assignments each week? Check out how to use a Week Template. This will allow you to save a schedule to be used again and again with just one click of a button. You can also use the option to Copy Previous Week. Simply go to the next week of the schedule- Choose Copy>Copy Previous Week. 

You mentioned Groups. How do I create Groups, and what are they? You can find a detailed article here: Creating & Managing Groups

I want to learn more about Primary Position/Location. How do I use them? You can find a detailed article here: Primary Position & Location

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