Creating & Managing Groups


Groups are a customizable collections of Team Members that are tied together by how you want to schedule them. For example, you may want to schedule Team Members across different Positions as “Day Shift” and “Night Shift”, or “Customer Service” and “Back Office” Groups.

You can find the Groups page by clicking onto the Team page.

Then click Groups

This is the page that is used as the main hub for creating, editing, and managing groups.

Creating a Group

You can create a group by using the + icon. When hovered over, it will say Create New Group.

This will prompt you to enter a Group name, and then the Group will appear on your Groups page, at the top of the list.

Adding Team Members to Groups

You can add team members to a group by clicking the +ADD  button on the group box

Or by clicking on the name of the group, and clicking the + Add Members button on the upper right. 

Both buttons will open up to a list of team members, and their positions. You can add one or more team members by clicking the + to the right of their name and position(s). This will result in a check mark confirming they are selected. (If you select the wrong team member, simply click on the check mark, and that person will return to their unselected status)

Tip: hover over multiple positions to view what they are. 

When you have chosen who you want included, simply click Add Members at the bottom. 

Removing Team Members from Groups

You can remove a single or multiple team members from a group by clicking on the name of the group. Once you do a list of the current team members in that group will appear. Click the circle next to the Team Member(s) you want removed, or choose the top circle to select all team members. whether choosing one or more team members to delete, a red button will pop up prompting you to Remove Selected Team Member from this Group. Click that to remove the selected team member(s). 

Deleting a Group

If you find that you no longer have a need for a group, you can delete it. Simply hover over the group square you would like to delete. A trash can will appear in the upper right. Click on it. (You will be prompted to confirm to prevent accidental deletions)

Tips & Tricks

  • Utilize Add Filter to filter groups by position, location, or group name.

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