Canceling and Pausing Your Subscription

Pausing your Subscription

If you are a seasonal business, or need to take time off ZoomShift for any period of time, you can put your account on Pause. This means that your account will stay in place in ZoomShift, but you will not be billed. When you are ready to come back simply sign in and click to re-activate your subscription.

Cancelling your Subscription

We are sorry to see you go. By cancelling your subscription you make it inactive, and all team members who are tied to your organization will now be unable to access it. You will not receive any further invoices. 

To Pause or Cancel your account go to Settings>Pause/Cancel Subscription 

When you click this button you will be prompted to pick why you are choosing to pause or cancel. You will also likely receive an automated email from us that confirms your cancellation. 

Common Questions

Shouldn't I also delete my organization or account if I do not want to use ZoomShift? 

Not necessarily. Just cancelling your subscription makes your whole organization inactive, and will immediately stop any billing. It also maintains your records in the case that you need shift, timesheet, team member, or payroll data. Deleting your organization or account will delete you data, and if you ever decide to come back to ZoomShift you will have to start over. 

What do I do if I accidentally Paused or Cancel my account?

No worries. Simply log in using your ZoomShift email and password. You will see a box similar to the one below. Click Reactivate Subscription. When you press that button You will be walked through prompts to get your account back up and running. 

Who can Pause/Cancel my organization's subscription? 

Only owners and Team Members with Billing Liaison privileges can Pause or Cancel a subscription. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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