Using Different Schedule Views

There are many different ways to view your Schedule-All and Timesheets-All. Each of which is useful, but provides a different view of your information. Below I am going to walk through each view and how to use them.

Schedule views can be found on the Schedule- All 

The same view can be found on the Timesheets- All 

There are 5 different ways to view the schedule & Timesheets: Team Member Grid, Position Grid, Location Grid, Calendar, and List. 

*All views shown below are done on the Schedule-All, but the description is accurate for both

Team Member Grid

Team Member Grid is a weekly view that organizes your page by Team Member. This is also the only view where you can view Availability and Time off on the schedule. You can see below each name are metrics including how many hours and the earnings. For the schedule this is projected hours and earnings, and for timesheets it is the hours they have clocked in and what they have earned. Also, at the top right you can see the total number of hours and earnings for the entire week for the organization. 

Position Grid

Position Grid is a weekly view that organizes your page by Position. This is a helpful view for noting home many people you have on doing each position within a given week, and can be helpful to identify if more staff are needed to cover shift needs. The metrics underneath each position represent hours for that position and earnings. Again, on schedule view this is projected, but on timesheets it is representative of what has already happened. Again totals for the organization are found in the upper right. 

Location Grid

Location Grid is a weekly view that organizes your page by Location. This is a helpful view for organizations that have multiple locations, and want to view coverage by location. The metrics underneath the location represent hours worked (Or projected to work) at that location and money spent towards wages  (Or projected money spent towards wages). 


Calendar is a monthly or weekly view that sorts your shifts  or timesheets onto calendar days of the month. This is a nice way to get an overview of all the shifts set or completed. The shifts are organized based on time. 




List view is a view that organizes all shifts or timesheets for a chosen period of time into a list. This is the only view in which you can choose a customized period of time. This view is helpful for gathering information.

Click the book in the upper left to choose what information you want to see as part of the list. 

Click the Date Picker to choose your time range. 

Other Ways to Customize your View

Add Filter

You can use the Add Filter in any view. You would use it to target certain information for a specific Team member(s), Location(s), or Position(s). Once the filter is on, the view will only show information for what is selected. 

Please Note: When you Add Filter you will see totals adjust. It means that the totals are only reflective of what is showing on the schedule or timesheets page now, and do not reflect the other information that was filtered out. 

If you note shifts that are faded, this may mean that they meet one filter, but not another, so they are only partially filtered out. 

Remove Filter by clicking Add Filter and choosing Clear Filters at the bottom of the box that pops up. 

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