Why am I Being Billed for Extra Team Members?

Confused by your subscription's Team Member Spots? This article explains how this is calculated and how to adjust it.

You can adjust the number of team members (users) you are paying for by changing your subscription's Team Member Spots count. You need to have at least enough spots to cover all of the Active Team Members in your account. When adjusting your subscription in Settings>Update Subscription you will see how many active team members your account currently has.

An active team member is any non-archived team member across all the organizations in your account. Each unique team member (user) is only counted once per account. For example, if Bill Jones is a member of multiple organizations, he is only counted once. 

Tip: If you think your account's active team members count is too high, check to see if you have any team members in other organizations.

You can decrease your subscription's team member spots count by archiving team members. Once archived, you can update your subscription from the Settings page under Update Subscription.

Important: Your team member spots count is not automatically lowered when you archive team members. You need to manually adjust your team member spots count in order to decrease your subscription cost. We do this to prevent a flurry of proration adjustments whenever team members are added and archived. This makes for more predictable and easier to understand invoices.

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