Active vs Archived Team Members

Active Team Members 

Any Team Member that is currently part of your organization and not archived. You can view all of the active team members within each organization from the Team page.  

Inactive or Archived Team Members

Any Team Member who is Archived. These may be Team Members who no longer work for your organization, Seasonal Workers or Students who are not working during certain times of the year, or workers who are called in randomly and do not have usual assigned shifts. 

Archived Team Members can be found on the Team page under Archived. 

You can Archive a Team Member by clicking their name on the Team page and choosing Archive.

You can Unarchive a Team Member by clicking their name and choosing Unarchive. 

Important Note: Active Team Members vs Subscription Team Member Count

Your subscription's Team Member Spot count must be equal to or greater than the number of Active Team Members in your account. 

Note: You can archive and un-archive team members whenever you want. Your subscription's team member spot count will not be automatically updated when you archive a team member. You are in charge of manually decreasing this value on your subscription.

You can find your Team Member Spot count in Settings>Update Subscription. 

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