Managing Team Members

This article explains how to Add, Invite, Edit, and Archive team members. It also covers some common questions about managing team members.

Adding a new Team Member

Adding Multiple Team Members via CSV upload

Setting Team Member Wage

Editing Team Members

Archiving Team Members

Unarchiving Team Members

Who Views & Manages Team Members

Adding a New Team Member 

To add a new Team Member to ZoomShift go to the Team Page and click +New in the upper right. 

A box like this will pop open where you can enter the Team Member's information. 

The view up above is the Profile section of this box. This is where you enter basic information for your team member. Here are some tips for filling it out:

  1. Email is required, however, phone number is not. 
  2. You may enter a Time Clock Pin here, if you intend on using the Kiosk Time Clock. Learn more about the Kiosk and utilizing the Time Clock Pin here: Kiosk Time Clock
  3. Specify a Preferred Time Zone for this Team Member if it is different than the Organization Time Zone (*You must turn on Preferred Time Zone to use this feature)
  4. Send Invite: You can choose to send this Team Member an invite to ZoomShift right when you create them, or toggle this off, and wait to invite them until you are ready. 

The Positions/Wages section of the New Team Member Box looks like this. 

Positions: This is where you note what position(s) this Team Member can work. (Position options for Team Members are managed from Settings>Positions)

Choosing Primary Position: The star next to each position allows you to decide a Primary Position. The Primary Position  will automatically populate into any shift you assign that Team Member to. Want to Learn more about Primary Position and Location? Please see: Primary Position & Location

The Locations section of the New Team Member Box looks like this

Locations: This is where you note what Location(s) this Team Member can work. (Location options for Team Members are managed from Settings>Locations)

Choosing Primary Location: The star next to each location allows you to decide a Primary Location. The Primary Location will automatically populate into any shift you assign that Team Member to. Want to Learn more about Primary Position and Location? Please see: Primary Position & Location

The Permissions section of the New Team Member Box looks like this. 

Role: The role you provide to a team member determines what they can see and do within ZoomShift. See the chart below regarding what each role can do. (Learn more about Roles & Permissions Here)

Visible on Schedule/Attendance Views: Toggle this on if this Team Member will be listed on the schedule and will have shifts. Toggle this off, if this team member will not be scheduled, and therefore, does not need to be visible on the schedule. (This is typically turned off for admin staff who are only utilizing ZoomShift for scheduling and payroll purposes)

Billing Liaison: This can only be turned on if the team member role is listed as a manager. This allows the team member to be able to view and edit ZoomShift account and subscription settings. This means they can see invoices, as well as change account information. (The Owner of the account is the only one with understood access to ZoomShift account info). 

Adding Multiple Team Members using CSV Upload

If you have several Team Members to add to your Team Page, you may want to upload them via CSV, instead of entering them one at a time (As seen above). To do this you would go to the Team Page and click on Tools>Import via CSV.

That button will open a box where you can download a Template to use for Uploading your Team Members.

Once you have filled up to 250 Team Members into the CSV, then you can Upload that CSV file, and import the Team Members.

Setting Team Member Wage

You can set wages for Team Members on the Team Page under the Positions/Wages tab. You can set up wage in ZoomShift two different ways: Set a Default Wage Rate that applies to all Positions or, use Individual Wage Rates to set different wages based on Position

Default Rate Wage

Individual Rates per position

Important: Wages do not apply retroactively. If you change a wage they will only apply to newly created shifts. 

*Note for Organizations without positions: You will not have a Positions/Wage tab, so your wage box will be on the Profile tab

Editing Team Members

You may at some point need to edit team member information for one of your Team Members, whether it is to adjust a wage, or their roles/permissions. You can do this by clicking on the Team Member you want to edit on the Team Page. Simply change what you need to and click Save. 

Archiving Team Members

Archiving a Team Member means that you are rendering them inactive permanently or temporarily. No matter how long you want to keep them Archived for, they will no longer be able to log in and see the organization while they are listed as Archived. This is a great option for Team Members who no longer work for you, as well as for a seasonal employee, or a student who only works breaks and summer.

You can archive any desired Team Member(s) using either of these methods:

1. Locate the desired Team Member(s) on  Team page and click the circle(s) to the left of their name. Once the first team member is checked a red box will pop up prompting you to Archive Selected Team Member. Feel free to keep checking off more team members as needed. Once you have everyone you want, click the red button, and all selected team members will be archived.

2. Archive a Team Member by locating them on the Team page and clicking their name. When you do this a box will pop up with their profile information and permissions you have entered. At the bottom of the box there is the option to Archive. 

Click that, and they will immediately be moved to the Archived section of your Team Page. 

*You can toggle between Archived and Active Team Member pages by using the options in the upper left of the Team Page. 

Common Questions:

Do I need to pay for Archived Employees?

No. When a Team Member is archived you will no longer need to pay for them. Simply Archive them, and then go to Settings>Update subscription to decrease your Team Member Spots. This will ensure you will not continue to pay for more active employees than you now have. 

Isn't it best to Delete employees who no longer work for me? 

Not necessarily, any historical information/records for them are saved within your organization while they are archived, however, if you delete them you will no longer have access to any of this data. Also, rest assured, the Team member you archive will have no more access to your organization than they would have if they were deleted. 

How do I delete a Team Member?  

To Delete a team member you will need to Archive them first, then you can Delete them by going to the Archived page and clicking their name. The option to Delete is at the bottom. (Please make sure you have all of their historical information that you need downloaded prior to this, as this is a permanent decision and once it is done you cannot reverse it.)

Unarchiving Team Members

If you need to unarchive a Team Member and make them active again, you can do so by going to the Team page and clicking Archived in the upper left. 

This will open a page with all archived Team Members. 

You can unarchive the desired Team Member(s) using 2 methods:

1. Click the circle next to the Team Member(s) you wish to unarchive. Once one circle is clicked a red box comes up prompting you to Unarchive Selected Team Members . If you still have more team members to check off, continue to do so. Once you have completed all of your selections click the red button to unarchive the team member(s). They are now active again. 

2. Or click on the name of the archived Team Member that you want to unarchive. A box will then pop open with the option to Unarchive at the bottom. 

Click Unarchive, and that Team Member will immediately become active again. 

Who can View & Manage Team Members

Only Manager level Team Members can manage Team Members. Supervisor and Employee level Team Members can only view basic information dependent on your organizational settings Settings>Formatting & Privacy.

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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