Kiosk Time Clock

Kiosk Time Clock

The Kiosk Time Clock is a time clock that can be used as a clock in/out station at a job site. You can simply pull it up on a tablet or computer, and employees can clock in and out using their email or a time clock pin. You can find the Kiosk Time Clock under the Attendance header.

When you click Kiosk Time Clock, it will open in a new tab separate from your ZoomShift page, which allows you to keep the Kiosk separate from your management account. You can even close out of your ZoomShift page and leave the Kiosk up. We recommend creating a bookmark on your browser specifically for the kiosk, so you will not need to open it up again through the Attendance tab. 

When employees clock in and out using the kiosk a timesheet will be created for the shift. 

You can enable the use of the Kiosk time clock in Settings>Time Clock

Simply toggle on the Kiosk Time Clock to make it available for use.


  • If you choose to use the Kiosk you can Whitelist Kiosk IP Addresses, which means that you can approve what computer(s) or tablet(s) team members are able to clock in/out on. Team Members will then be unable to clock in/out on any unapproved devices. You can also choose between using just a Time Clock Pin only, use of email, or both to clock in/out (Pins can be assigned to team members on the Team page- Learn more Here).

  • If you are flagging or blocking Too Far From Location in Settings>Timesheet Error Rules. Make sure that if you are not whitelisting IP addresses for the Kiosk, that you have a buffer of about 405 meters entered. GPS is not always as precise as we believe, so this will make it so team members are not blocked or flagged for attempts to clock in at work just due to GPS inaccuracy. 

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