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Time Tracking

ZoomShift has 4 ways to convert the shifts your employees work into timesheets: Replicate Shifts as Timesheets, Manual Timesheet Entry, Mobile Time Clock, and Kiosk Time Clock.  But, first let's talk about how we locate the Timesheets when you are logged into ZoomShift. You can find your Timesheets under the Attendance header. 

Choose All to view all the timesheets for the organization, or Yours to just view your own. 

Replicate Shifts as Timesheets

If you are an organization who pays employees for the exact scheduled shift(s) they are scheduled for you can skip using the time clock function and instead use the Convert shifts to Timesheets feature. You can access this on the  Timesheets page under All. Simply go to the week you want to convert the shifts for and click Tools>Replicate Shifts as Timesheets. The shifts that were published for that week will then convert into Timesheets. (Important: Unpaid breaks on the schedule do not transfer over to timesheets when replicated.)

Manual Timesheet Entry

If you want to enter a timesheet manually you can do so by clicking +New in the upper right.

You will then see a box open, where you can enter the Timesheet information including the Team Member the timesheet belongs to, the hourly wage, the position they worked, the location, date, start and end time, and any notes you want associated with it. Then simply click Create to leave the timesheet as Unpublished. Think of it like being in a draft state, and awaiting final approval to move to Payroll. Or, click Save & Approve to Publish the timesheet and say it is approved for payroll. 

Mobile Time Clock

The mobile Time Clock is available via the use of the  Free ZoomShift Mobile App. It is a simple. All the team members download the app, and simply click the Clock in/Out button on the Home tab when they are clocking in or out for a shift. As you can see below when an employee clocks in their active timesheet shows under Last Timesheet. This active timesheet will also be visible as soon as they clock in to manager level Team Members.

Kiosk Time Clock

The Kiosk Time Clock is a time clock that can be used as a clock in/out station at a job site. You can simply pull it up on a tablet or computer, and employees can clock in and out using their email or a time clock pin. You can find the Kiosk Time Clock under the Attendance header.

When you click Kiosk Time Clock, it will open in a new tab separate from your ZoomShift page, which allows you to keep the Kiosk separate from your management account. You can even close out of your ZoomShift page and leave the Kiosk up. We recommend creating a bookmark on your browser specifically for the kiosk, so you will not need to open it up again through the Attendance tab

When employees clock in and out using the kiosk a timesheet will be created for the shift. 

Now that you have explored the different ways of time tracking, you can make the best decision on how and if you would like your team members to track their time. One, none, or all can be enabled in Settings>Time Clock

When in the Time Clock section of Settings you will find options to toggle on or off the Mobile App Time Clock or the Kiosk Time Clock. 

If you choose to use the Kiosk you can Whitelist Kiosk IP Addresses, which means that you can approve what computer(s) or tablet(s) team members are able to clock in/out on. Team Members will then be unable to clock in/out on any unapproved devices. You can also choose between using just a Time Clock Pin only, use of email, or both to clock in/out (Pins can be assigned to team members on the Team page- Learn more Here).

Now that you know how timesheets can be created, let's talk about how you can utilize the timesheets page to gather information and to prepare for payroll. 

Once your team members start creating timesheets your Timesheets page will look more like this. 

Any Not Approved timesheets will be noted with lines through them, while all Published timesheets will appear solid. From this page you can Approve timesheets, edit timesheets, and view history.

Editing Timesheets

If a team member clocks in or out late, or forgets to clock out all together you may need to edit a timesheet. You can do this by clicking on the timesheet that needs editing and changing the information so it is correct. Then simply click Save & Approve.

Want to  Delete a timesheet. Just click Delete at the bottom of the box. 

Approving Timesheets

You can approve Timesheets by clicking on each individual timesheet and clicking Save & Approve at  the bottom, or by clicking Approve in the upper right and approving shifts in bulk. When you click Approve to approve in bulk you will be able to choose a date range and approve all Not Approved timesheets at once. 

Want to approve timesheets by position or one person at a time. Change the view on the Timesheets page. Choosing Location Grid will categorize timesheets based on locations. Team Member Grid will organize them by team member. Position Grid will organize them by position. 

Viewing Timesheet History

If you want to see the history of a timesheet, such as where a team member clocked in or out from, and who edited it, you can find that in the History tab of each Timesheet. Simply click on the timesheet you want to see the history for and open it. Click History at the bottom. A box will open that will look like this. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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