Integration: ADP Workforce Now

Premium Users: If your business uses ADP Workforce Now, you can now connect your ZoomShift organization. 

In this Help Doc we will cover the following:

Connecting your organization
Syncing your Team Members 
Syncing your Payroll
Cancelling your ADP Workforce Now Subscription to ZoomShift


Connecting your Organization

To connect your ZoomShift organization to ADP Workforce Now you will:

1. Go to the Payroll Page

2. Click on Tools in the upper right corner

3. Click on Integrations

4. A screen will open that will show ADP Workforce Now and will have a Connect button. Click Connect.

5. Copy your ZoomShift Organization ID on the window that pops up, and the click Connect

6. Once you click Connect, you will be directed to the  ADP Workforce Now marketplace where you can click the button to subscribe.

7. You will now do the subscription purchase flow. As part of this process you will be prompted to enter the ZoomShift Organization ID you copied from step 5. You will see a "Valid Account ID" pop-up on the screen if it is entered correctly.

8. To complete the subscription purchase flow you will need to agree to ADPs Terms of Service and Place Order.

9. A button will pop up where the Place Order button was, that will say, Go To MYAPPS. You will then be directed to the Apps page where you will receive the message that you have Successfully Subscribed to ZoomShift.  

10. The last step will be to click on the ZoomShift App on the ADP marketplace to do the Client Authorization for the sharing of information between ADP and ZoomShift.

Once this process is completed you will see this:

Your connection has now been established. You can now return to ZoomShift, where you may be requested to create a stronger Password that meets ADP standards. 

Syncing Your Team Members

Once your organization(s) is successfully connected, you can now begin the process to sync your Team Members. Syncing your team members will establish the connection between your ZoomShift team and the team members on your ADP Workforce Now account. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the Team Page and click on Tools> ADP l Sync Team Members 

2. If Team Members are successfully synced a pop up will appear that says so. Shared Team Members will then be connected to the associated ADP Team Member, and any Team Members in ADP that were not on ZoomShift will now be added to your ZoomShift Team Page. 

Syncing Your Payroll

Once you are connected to ADP Workforce Now via ZoomShift, and you have synced your Team Members, you are now able to sync your Payroll. 

You can sync your payroll from the Payroll page. 

Here are the steps:

1. Click Tools>Sync Payroll

2. A box will pop up that will allow you to choose the date range you want to sync payroll for, and what information you want to include. 

Regular Hours Worked: Any hours where a Team Member is making their regular pay rate.

Overtime Hours Worked: Hours that qualify a Team Member for Overtime in ZoomShift, based on your ZoomShift Settings. These hours earn time and a half.

2X Overtime Hours Worked: Hours that qualify a Team Member for 2x Overtime in ZoomShift, based on your ZoomShift Settings. These hours earn double the pay. (You will need to enter your ADP 2x Overtime Earning Code in order to take advantage of syncing these numbers.)

Paid Time Off: Hours that Team Members took as Time Off, that is paid. (You will need to enter your ADP PTO Earning Code in order to take advantage of syncing these numbers.)

3. Click Sync Payroll Data button. If it is successful a pop-up will show at the bottom saying, "Payroll Synced Successfully"

4. You can now find the information in your ADP

Cancelling your ADP Workforce Now Subscription to ZoomShift

If you would like to cancel your ADP Workforce Now subscription to ZoomShift, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Go to the Payroll page and click Tools>Manage ADP Workforce Now

2. Cancel via the ADP Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I have more than 1 organization I want to connect? At this time only one organization can be connected to ADP through ZoomShit. 

2. Can I customize my Payroll report that is sent to ADP? The only customizable pieces at this time are the hours you choose to include (I.E. Regular Hours and Overtime). 

3. What if I have some users in ADP that I do not want on my ZoomShift Team? During the syncing process all ADP Team Members will have a Team Member associated into ZoomShift. If you do not want that user on ZoomShift simply Archive them immediately after, and lower your Team Member spots. Please see this help doc for visuals and specific steps: Active Vs Archived Team Members

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