Timesheet Error Rules

Timesheet Error Rules 

These rules help you to establish parameters for the creation of timesheets, and draw your attention to important information. 

Locating the Timesheet Error Rules

Defining Timesheet Error Rule level of Restrictions

Settings that interact with Timesheet Error Rules

 Timesheet Error Rules can be located in Settings>Timesheet Error Rules

The Timesheet Error Rules are as follows: 

Defining Timesheet Error Rule level of Restrictions

Each Timesheet Error Rule provides the option to Allow, Flag, or Block the given error. Based on what you choose, ZoomShift will respond in a certain way to when any of these errors occur on any timesheet. 


If you choose to Flag something an Error will pop up on the created timesheet to let you know one or more of your error rules was triggered. 

Simply click the timesheet to open it, and view the error. If you wish to ignore the error, you can toggle on Ignore Timesheet Error Rules- this will cause the exclamation point on the shift to go away. If you do not turn on Ignore Timesheet Error Rules, the exclamation point will remain. 


If you choose to Block something an Error will pop up during the creation of the timesheet to let you know one or more of your error rules was triggered. This timesheet will then be blocked from being created.

If you are a Supervisor/Manager entering a manual timesheet or clocking in you can simply choose to Ignore Timesheet Error Rules and create the timesheet anyway. (Please note: If you do not click to Ignore Timesheet Error Rules you will be prevented from creating the timesheet)

If you are an Employee attempting to create a timesheet that conflicts with something that is blocked, you will not have the option to override the error, and instead will be prevented all together from creating the timesheet. Employees will see this when attempting to clock in.


If you choose to Allow one or more timesheet error rules, you are just saying that you do not mind if these instances happened. You will therefore not receive any errors on your timesheets in relation to these rules. 

Settings that interact with Timesheet Error Rules

*All Shift Error Rules contain a description underneath describing their functions. Please note that a couple of these error rules work in tandem with other settings, and are outlined below.

  • Overtime- Overtime settings can be found in Settings>Overtime. 

Based on what is entered in Overtime settings, the Timesheet Error rule will know when to trigger. 

  • Too Far From Location- This setting measures the distance the team member is from the location of the shift. In order for this Timesheet Error Rule to work as intended, you will need to have a location listed on a shift.

  • The location will also need to have a verified address. You can double check this in Settings>Locations. 

Locations with a green check ✅ are verified addresses, and locations with a red X are not. If a location does not have a verified address ZoomShift will not be able to tell if the person is too far from the location. 

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