What is Availability?

Entering New Availability

Editing Availability

Deleting Availability

What is Availability?

Availability is a feature used to indicate when team members are able or not able to work. 

On the schedule Availability is displayed in an orange box with a thumbs down or green box with a thumbs up. Green Thumbs Up meaning you prefer to work and Orange Thumbs Down means you do not prefer

Entering New Availability

You can Add Availability from the Home Screen or from the Schedule tab. Just simply click +New in the upper right and choose Availability. 

Note: Supervisors and managers can create and edit availability preferences for team members. Employees can only create and edit availability preferences if the organization settings allow it.

The box that opens looks like this.

You can choose to do availability or one day or make it repeat. 

Repeat Forever- If you want to do one day, just toggle off Repeat Forever and enter the same start and end date. If you want to do 1+ weeks toggle off Repeat Forever and just choose an Until that goes out as far as you need. If you want it to repeat forever, Toggle On  Repeat Forever. 

All Day- If you want this availability to pertain to all day, then toggle on, if you want to choose a time period, then toggle off

Preferred Time- This is asking if you prefer to work during this time or not. Toggling on means you do want to work, and toggling Off  means you prefer not to. 

Note- Specify a reason why you don't want to work, or a reason why you do in this box. 

Click Create when you are done. 

Editing Availability

To Edit availability, simply click on the availability you want to edit on the schedule. When you click on it, this box will open. 

Edit any of the information, and click Save. 

Deleting Availability

You can delete Availability by clicking on the availability you want to delete, and choosing the Delete option at the bottom left. 

*Please Note: 

In order to view Availability on the Schedule-All  you will need to be on the Team Member Grid. You can find this view by going to Schedule and choosing All. Then clicking on the view pull down and choosing Team Member Grid. 

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