Time Off Blockers

Time off blockers are a feature you can use to prevent team members from asking off on certain days. 

*Please Note that if you have the Time Off feature turned off, you will not be able to use Time Off Blockers. 

You can locate the Time Off Blocker feature in Schedule>Time Off Requests. 

Simply click +New>Time Off Blocker.

Allowed Quantity- You can allow a limited amount of time off requests or none. Please note that when using a date range, the total entered will be across the time frame, and will not be per day. 

Positions/Locations- Choose specific positions and/or locations this blocker applies to, or leave blank to indicate it is for all team members. 

Once you click Create it will look like this on the schedule. 

Editing and Deleting Time Off Blockers

To Edit a Time Off Blocker, click on the one you would like to edit. Update the fields and click Save. To Delete it, simply click the delete button on the bottom left.

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