Time Off Requests

Time Off requests are used to indicate when a team member is unable to work. They are typically used for vacation or leave. 

*Note: Supervisors and managers can create and edit Time Off Requests for team members. Employees can only create and edit time offs if the organization settings allow it.

Submitting a Time Off Request

You can submit a Time Off Request from the Home Page or Schedule Page by clicking +New>Time Off Request 

A box will pop up that looks like this. This is where you enter the information for the needed time off. (Note: Employees will not see Save & Deny or Save & Approve options. They will only see Create)

You can choose to enter time off as a partial day by toggling off All Day. You can then choose a time period. Or, you can enter it as an All Day event, which means you need the full day off. You would do this by toggling on All Day. 

When a time off is marked as All Day, you can also enter multiple days. 

Managing Time Off Request Settings

As a Manager you will want to make sure that before your team members begin submitting requests, that you have your Time Off Request settings set to what you would like. You can find Time Off Request settings in Settings>Time Off Requests. 

The settings for Time Off Requests are below, and each contains a detailed description of what each toggle is for. If it is On, then you want that feature. If it is Off, then you do not. 

Managing Time Off Requests

If you allow Time Off Requests to be submitted within your organization, as a manager/Supervisor you will need to begin to manage them. Whether it is to monitor them for scheduling, or to Approve or Deny them if you have on the setting for Require Time Off Approval. 

You can find all of your Time Off Requests under Schedule>Time off Requests 

This will open up a page dedicated to managing your Time Off Requests. You can view this page as a calendar (Month to Month) or a List. 

Calendar View 

Or, as a List. 

List View

When using the list you can pull unique time frames to get historical data, or to pull requests for more than a month in the future. Just simply click the date picker in the center and choose a start and end date.

Customizing your Information

You can choose which information you see on the list by clicking the small book icon on the left of the list. Keep only the information you want to receive checked. 

Want to see information for a certain Team Member, Location, or Position. Use the Add Filter to do that. 

You can also choose to view All Time off Requests, Yours, or Awaiting Response 

All- This includes pending, approved, and denied Time Off Requests

Yours- Just your Time Off Requests

Awaiting Response- If have on your setting to need approval for time off Requests, then any Time Off Requests awaiting approval will be shown. 

Viewing Time Off on the Schedule

When scheduling shifts for Team Members it can be nice to view your Time off Requests on the Schedule page. This way you can avoid accidentally scheduling team members for times they cannot work. You can do this by using the Team Member Grid. To get to this view go to the Schedule and choose All. 

Then you can choose your view from the dropdown.

On the schedule Time Off Requests are shown as a red box. 

(The orange P stands for Pending)

(The green A stands for Approved)

Please Note: When you deny a time off request it will not show on the Schedule page. It will, however, still be able to be seen on the Time Off Requests Page. 

Approving/Denying Time Off Requests

You can Approve or Deny Time Off Requests from the Time Off Requests Page or from the Schedule Page while in Team Member Grid view. 

Simply click on the Time Off Request you want to approve or deny and a box will open like the one below. 

You can choose to either Save & Deny or Save & Approve. Once either of those actions is taken the Team Member will be notified. 

Editing & Deleting Time Off Requests

You can edit Time Off Requests by clicking on the Time Off Request in either the Time Off Requests Page or from the Schedule Page while in Team Member Grid view. 

A box will open like the one below. 

Editing- Simply edit information then and click Save

Deleting- Simply click the Delete button on the bottom left. 

Changing Time Off Request Status- If you denied a request you meant to approve or vice versa you can change that decision by using the Save & Reset button. Then choose to Approve or Deny accordingly. 

*Tip- Want to know who has made changes to a time off request or approved/denied it? 

Click the Time Off Request you want this information for, and use the History button on the bottom left of the Time Off Request box that pops up. 

It will open a box that tells you when it was created, by whom, and what the information was at the time of creation. Then above that will be a timeline up to the most recent with any changes to the information or status of the request. 

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