Paid Time Off

Let's take a closer look at how to get started with utilizing Paid Time Off

Turning on Paid Time Off

You can begin utilizing Paid Time off by turning on Custom Time Off Categories in Settings>Time Off

You can utilize the Defaults that are automatically present, and even add your own. 

How Custom Categories Impact Time Off

Once you turn on Time Off Request Categories your Team Members can begin to select from these Paid and Unpaid options when Submitting a Time Off Request. 

Approved Unpaid Vs Paid Time Off Requests 

You can manage all of your Unpaid & Paid Time Off Requests from the Time Off Requests Page or on any Schedule Page. You can learn more about this here: Time Off Requests

Once your Time Off Requests are approved they will be differentiated by their Paid or Unpaid status in the system, and will replicate onto the Timesheets page. Unpaid Time Off Timesheets will pay out $0, and Paid Time Off will pay the hourly rate (As set on the Team Page) for the amount of time the request is set for.  

(*This image is taken on the Timesheets Page in Team Member Grid)

Time Off and Payroll

Since the Time Off requests that are approved move to Timesheets, they will also move to Payroll. Hours for Paid Time Off will be listed in the Time Off column and will calculate into Payroll Totals.

Viewing Time Off Totals:

You can track Paid Time Off and Unpaid Time off on the Time Off Request Page.

Simply click All to view all requests, Yours to just view your own, or Awaiting Response to view Time Off that is still pending approval 

Tip: When building a report it may be most beneficial to use List View, which allows you to grab unique time periods and does not constrain you to 1 week or 1 month, like the Calendar does. 

If using List View, click the date picker to select a start and end date of your choosing.

Use Add Filter if you want to narrow information based on status, Team Member(s), Location(s), or Position(s) of your choosing.

Or, use Quick Filters and the search bar to narrow information by status or a single team member. (Find out more about using Filters here: Filters)

Then simply view your Time Off Metrics by hovering over the purple clock

Commonly Asked Questions: 

If I delete a Custom Time Off Category, will all the Time Off with that Custom Category be deleted as well? No. All of the previously created Time Off will stay and will maintain that category name. You will now just be unable to create new Time Off under that Category. 

If my Employee calls in Sick and I need to enter a Time Off Request, how do I do that? You can enter it on the Time Off Requests page under +New

Is there a spot where I can enter a Paid Time Off amount that is available for each Team Member? Not yet. 

Have more questions about Time Off in general? See this help doc that does a thorough overview of making and managing all Time Off: Time Off Requests

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