Setup Guide: Migrating your Team's PTO into ZoomShift

Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking Setup Guide

If you wish to set up Paid Time Off (PTO) Tracking for your Organization, you may wish to migrate your employees’ current PTO balances into ZoomShift. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible after you enable the Time Off Requests Categories feature, to avoid potentially blocking any incoming PTO requests from your employees, before their current PTO balances have been transferred into ZoomShift.

Below are some helpful tips for accomplishing this.

For employees with an Annual PTO Allowance

If you Employees have a bank of PTO hours to use for the entire year, this is referred to as an Annual PTO Allowance in the ZoomShift System. You can enter those Allowances in two ways.

1. You can enter those PTO amounts individually into your employees’ Team Member Profiles on the Team Page, or 

2. You can apply the same PTO allowances to multiple employees at once, in Settings > Positions. Simply click the Position you wish to enter the rate for and you will see the option to add the method and rate.

Important: When applying Annual Allowance via Position, this rate will only apply to employees that meet this criteria:

  • The Position is set as their Primary Position at the time the PTO method is entered, or after. 
  • The Team Member does not already have a rate entered on their individual Team Profile (Individual rates will always overwrite a Position rate).

For employees who accrue PTO over time

Accrual can be set up at the Individual Employee level, or applied at the Position Level.  If your Employees have already been accruing time prior to now, you may want to use a temporary accelerated PTO accrual rate to enable them to “catch up” to their current PTO balance within the space of one worked shift. 

Set Accrual for an Individual Team Member on the Team Page . Set Accrual for one or more Team Members based on Primary Position in Settings>Positions. 

Individual Employee Multiple Employees


  • Things to keep in mind when using Accrual & Accelerated Accrual
    • Max PTO: This is the maximum number of hours of PTO a Team Member can earn in the year. If you put it at 0 they will not be able to earn any PTO. If they can accrue unlimited hours, consider adding a very high value that would be hard to hit (I.E. 100,000). 
    • If using Accelerated Accrual, you could set the Max PTO Per Year as equal to the employee’s current PTO balance, and click Save.  Once the employee has caught up to their current PTO balance, reduce their PTO Accrual Rate and adjust Max PTO Per Year values to normal.
    • Use this free PTO Balance Migration Worksheet to ensure all of your employees’ Accrued PTO balances are successfully transferred into ZoomShift. 
    • If you need to migrate a large number of employees’ PTO balances, let us help you, at

Want even more detailed information on how to set up, utilize, and manage your Paid Time Off? Read this: Paid Time Off

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