Employee Shift Confirmation

Employee Shift confirmation is a feature that provides the opportunity for greater transparency and flexibility in the scheduling process. By turning on this feature you open up a channel of communication where you can offer a shift or multiple shifts to your Team Members and have them confirm them, or request a Shift Cover. This ensures that Team Members are actively viewing their schedules and are aware of their shifts, as well as makes employees and management aware of schedule changes earlier. 

Turning on Employee Shift Confirmation

How it Works


Turning on Employee Shift Confirmation

You can find the Employee Shift Confirmation feature in Settings>Shift Notifications

To turn it on, simply click the toggle next to Require Employee Shift Confirmations. When the toggle is to the right and is green, it is on.

How it Works

When you publish shifts individually or in bulk, notifications will go out to each scheduled Team Member letting them know they have shifts to confirm. Shifts pending confirmation have an orange hourglass in the upper right corner. 

When Employees click on pending shifts they have two options. They can Confirm the shift or Request Shift Coverage

If they click Confirm the shift will have a small green thumbs up in the right upper corner, and managers will be notified according to their Individual Notification Preferences.

If they click Request Shift Coverage, then they will be prompted to create a Shift Cover Request. Once it is made Managers will be notified based on their Individual Notification Preferences

This is what a pending Shift Cover looks like on the schedule when Employee Shift Confirmation is on:

As a Manager or Supervisor you can go to Schedule>Shift Cover Requests to confirm or deny the request (Please note, this step is only available if you require Shift Cover Request Approval in your Settings).

If you Approve the Shift Cover: The shift will be made Available to those that fit the position and location (Public Offer), or the specific Team Members it was offered to (Turn off Public Offer to offer to specific Team Members only). From here Team Members can pick up the shift on their schedule. It will look like this: 

Important: To learn more about how Shift Cover Requests work, please see this help doc: Shift Cover Requests

If you Deny the Shift Cover Request, the shift will disappear and will be listed as Rejected on your Shift Cover page. If you still wish to have that shift worked, you may consider reassigning it. To do this you can go to Schedule>Shift Cover Requests and click on the Shift Cover you want to reassign, and choose Edit Shift. This will allow you to assign the shift to a new person. This shift will immediately be sent to that Team Member for confirmation. 


Can I edit a Pending published shift? Yes, simply click on the shift and edit the fields that need updating. Then click Save when you are done. You will then be prompted to confirm the changes, as a new notification will go out for confirmation. 

Can I edit a Confirmed Published Shift? Yes. Simply click on the shift and edit the fields that need updating. Then click Save when you are done. You will then be prompted to confirm the changes, as it will return the shift to Pending status, and require the Team Member to reconfirm the shift. 

What happens if the Employee never confirms the Shift or requests Shift Coverage? The Employee will be reminded every 24 hours that they have shifts to confirm, however, it will be up to the manager to decide what to do with unconfirmed shifts. 

Can I pick and choose which Shifts I want to have confirmation on and which ones I do not? Right now, shift confirmation is all or nothing. So, if it is on, all shifts assigned to Employee level Team Members will require confirmation. 

Why do the Shifts assigned to Managers and Supervisors not go through the Shift Confirmation process? Right now Shift Confirmation only applies to Employee level Team Members. 

Is there a way to view all shifts still "Pending" Shift Confirmation? Yes. Click on the orange hourglass icon on the upper right of the schedule screen. This will filter the schedule to only show shifts that are pending confirmation within the date range selected.

What happens if I do not allow Shift Cover Requests, but my Employee cannot work the assigned shift? The employee will be prompted to reach out to their manager directly to let them know. 

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