Once you have Approved your Timesheets for your pay period, you are ready to move onto Payroll. 

Navigating to the Payroll Page

Choosing a your Payroll Date Range

Options for Viewing Payroll

Customizing your Report with Filters

Exporting your Report

The payroll page can be found in Attendance>Payroll, and allows you the ability to pull together all of your timesheets from a selected period of time, and view a breakdown of hours worked, and gross pay. 

Our payroll calculations take place down to the second and take in consideration the time range you choose, your employee wages (Ones entered manually on shifts or in the Team Page) during that time period, as well as your overtime settings, which can be found in Settings>Overtime. 

Choosing your date range

You can choose a date range by clicking on the date picker in the upper middle of the payroll page.

This will open up a calendar view that allows you to pick a start date and an end date of up to 45 days. (Tip: Want a report for a larger period of time? Go to Tools>Payroll Report)

The dates you choose will be the dates that ZoomShift will pull information from for Payroll. 

There are two ways to view your payroll page:

Summary- This view shows you hour breakdowns, so you are able to see how many hours each employee has worked in regular vs overtime pay, and then calculates out total hours and generates a gross pay. Any remaining unapproved timesheets, ongoing timesheets, and timesheets with errors will be noted under Approve by an orange exclamation point. 

*If you click on the orange exclamation point it will open a summary for that employee regarding all the shifts worked in the above noted time range. This will give you exact dates to go back and and take action on, in order to move them to the approved state for payroll. 

Daily Totals: This view provides a detailed breakdown for each employee that worked during your decided time period. It shows how many hours of each shift fell into regular hours and overtime hours. If they worked a shift on the date listed there will be an i next to the date. If you hover over it, it will provide you with the timesheet times associated with those totals.

*Any orange exclamation points under the Approved column should be noted as ongoing shifts, unapproved shifts, or shifts with errors on them. Since in this view the exclamation point is right next to the timesheet date, there is no need to click on it. You can simply go back to your timesheets and locate the timesheet(s) that needs attention.  

Using Filters to customize your Report

The payroll page provides a lot of useful information, but sometimes you do not need everyone's totals, or you want to run a report for the purposes of of future budgeting. Whatever the case is, using the  Add Filter button provides you a way to choose what you want to see. 

By utilizing these filters you can generate a report for certain employees or locations. For example, say I wanted to know how much I spent paying my Customer Success team in February. I could check off that filter and the report would only pull timesheets for Customer Success for the time period I have in my date picker. Our system will also add those hours and wages up to give you the overall totals in the upper right. 

*Payroll will always display overall totals in the upper right, which are based on applied filters and the dates chosen. 

Exporting your Payroll 

You have 2 options for Exporting your Payroll:

Export to CSV: An instant download of your report of 45 days or less

Payroll Report: An Emailed report for any range up to a year. 

Using Export to CSV

Once you have tailored your payroll information using any needed Filters, use the Date Picker to choose your range of dates you want your totals for.

Then click Tools>Export to CSV to get an instant download of your report. 

Using Payroll Report

Add any needed Filters that you wish to apply to your report. Then go to Tools>Payroll Report 

When the Export Payroll Report box opens, choose from a custom date range, or any of the other options provided. You can also choose whether to get a Summary Report or. a more detailed Daily Totals Report. This report will then be sent to your email as an attachment that can be opened in Excel or Numbers.

Congrats on taking the steps to understanding and completing your first of many rounds of payroll with ZoomShift! We hope this article gave you all the tools to make you feel confident in the process. 

If you didn't find the answers you were looking for in this article, please reach out to Support for further assistance. 

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