Overtime (OT)

Many businesses have Overtime rules for their Employees. ZoomShift makes it easy to add those into ZoomShift and have Overtime calculated automatically for you. In this Help Doc we will discuss how to set up Overtime for your business, as well as how to make sure your Overtime kicks in at the right time. 

Organization Wide Overtime & Individual Overtime 

Turning On and Off Overtime

Creating custom Individual Overtime

Viewing Overtime


Organization Wide Overtime & Individual Overtime 

Overtime in ZoomShift consists of Organization Wide Overtime and Individual Custom Overtime. You can choose to use one or both, depending on your business needs. 

Organization Wide Overtime- Overtime that applies as a default to all Team Members.

Individual Custom Overtime- Overtime rules set up for a specific individual Team Member.

Quick Set-up Tip: Set up an Organization Wide Overtime that reflects your most common Overtime rules for your Team, and for any Team Members that have a different standard, customize theirs individually. 

Turning On and Off Overtime

You can Turn On and Off Overtime, as well as adjust Organization Wide Overtime in Settings>Overtime

In Settings>Overtime, you will have the option to turn on or off Weekly Overtime, Daily Overtime, and Daily 2x Overtime, as well as establish Organization Wide rules for when that specific Overtime would begin to accrue. 

Weekly Overtime: Weekly Overtime would be calculated as soon as a Team Members weekly regular Timesheet hours exceed the hours specified. Overtime would be calculated using time and a half based on the wage for the Timesheets.

Daily Overtime: Daily Overtime would be calculated as soon as a Timesheet exceeds the daily hours entered. Overtime would be calculated using time and a half based on the wage for the Timesheet. 

Daily 2x Overtime: Daily 2x Overtime would be calculated when the hours accrued for a single Timesheet meet the hours specified. Overtime is then calculated as double the wage for the Timesheet.

Pay Period Cutoff Time: Pay Period Cutoff Time lets us know when to officially start the day for Payroll purposes, and effects how Payroll is run and Overtime is calculated on the Schedule, Timesheets, and Payroll pages.  This is particularly important when overnight shifts occur. For example, if the Pay Period Cutoff is 1am, and the Timesheet goes from 10pm-3am the next day, Time calculation will be split: 10pm-1am on the date the Timesheet started and 1am-3am will be calculated into the following day. 

Creating Custom Individual Overtime

To utilize Custom Individual Overtime, you must first Toggle on the Overtime you would like to utilize as noted above. You can then go into each Team Member profile individually to change their Overtime. Simply go to the Team Page and choose each employee you wish to customize to a different set of hour rules than the default in Settings>Overtime. 

At the bottom of their Team Member profile you will see boxes where you can enter the values for the types of Overtime you allow. 

*Please Note that 0=Default. The default is whatever you have entered in Settings>Overtime.

(In the above example I only have on Weekly and Daily Overtime in Settings>Overtime. If I allowed 2x Overtime that box would show up as well). 

Once you have the hour values you want entered, click Save. 

Viewing Overtime 

You can view Overtime on the Schedule, Timesheets, and Payroll page. When any Overtime is met on the Schedule or Timesheets page, an Orange OT icon will be present. Overtime is calculated into those totals that this icon is next to.

To view the breakdown of the Overtime vs Regular Hours, simply hover over that icon.

Payroll is the perfect page to view all Team Member totals side by side for the entire Pay Period. On the Payroll Page Overtime has its own column.  Approved Timesheets within the Pay Period selected are appropriately separated and calculated based on your Individual and/or Organization Wide Overtime rules as well as the Pay Period Cutoff Time. To view this report, go to  Attendance>Payroll, and use the date picker to choose your date range. 

Once the Date Range is selected a Summary version will show for Payroll for each Team Member. From there you can view Regular hours and any overtime hours accrued. 

To see a more descriptive breakdown of exactly where and when Overtime was accrued you the Daily Totals view:


How can I identify when Overtime will or may be Accrued, so that I can prevent it? 

You can utilize Shift Error Rules and Timesheet Error Rules to help you identify when Overtime will be accrued for a given Shift or Timesheet. You can find both the Shift Error Rules and Timesheet Error Rules in Settings. Choose to Flag Overtime if you want an Error to occur on the Shift or Timesheet, upon creation, if Overtime is or will be accrued. You may also choose to Block a Shift or Timesheet from being created that will accrue Overtime, by putting Overtime to Block. 

What if I decide I no longer want to use Overtime with my Team Members? 

No problem. If you no longer want to use any type of Overtime, you can go into Settings>Overtime and turn off Overtime by toggling all Overtime Off. If you just want to stop utilizing custom Individual Overtime, you can restore all Team Members to the default values in Settings>Overtime by clicking the Reset Custom Overtime button in Settings>Overtime. 

Why are all the Overtime boxes on Team Member Profiles stating 0, when I have values enter in Overtime for the Organization? 0 means Default. So, when you see a zero, it means that the value from Settings>Overtime will be taken. 

Can I choose to have a single Team Member not receive a certain type of Overtime that I have on in the Settings? No. If you have it on, a value will need to be entered. If you don't want them to get it, consider entering a high number that they would not meet, I.E. Weekly-75, Daily or 2x Daily-24

When I update my Overtime, will it apply retroactively? When updating the Organization Wide overtime it will retroactively apply to the last 30 days, however, if you update individual overtime, it will only reflect from the day you enter it and on.

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