Open Shifts

The open shifts feature helps you to build a schedule without assigning team members to shifts. 

Open Shifts allow your staff to choose from the shifts you make available, instead of you having to assign them. 

Creating an Open Shift

Copying an Open Shift

Viewing Open Shifts

Editing & Deleting Open Shifts

Creating a Shift Template of Open Shifts

Picking Up Open Shifts

Creating an Open Shift

You can create an Open Shift on the Home or schedule page. Click +New>Shift. 

When the New Shift Box opens, you will simply change the Team Member to Open Shift. 

Slots are how many of this shift are available. As each shift is picked up that number will go down, until the shifts are no longer available. 

Make itPublic Offer to offer it to all eligible employees, or turn off Public Offer to Offer to Team Members. This allows you to choose one or more specific employees you want this shift offered to. 

Copying an Open Shift

You can Copy these shifts, just like regular shifts. Simply click the Copy button at the top of the box and this view will show.

Choose to copy it to other days of the week, and even choose to Copy to Future Weeks. 

Click Save to keep it unpublished, or Save & Publish to allow employees to begin to pick them up. 

Viewing Open Shifts

All eligible employees or chosen employees for the Available Open Shifts will see these Open Shifts as Available Shifts on their Schedule-Yours

Open Shifts will look like this on the Schedule-All. They are easily distinguished by being the only blue shifts. 

(Please note- If all team members are able to view the Schedule-All, they may see Open Shifts on the schedule even though they are not qualified to pick them up. If they click an Open Shift they are not qualified for, they will see a message telling them they cannot pick up the shift.)

Editing & Deleting Open Shifts

*This can only be done by Managers and Supervisors. 

You can Edit an open shift by clicking on it on the schedule and updating the fields. Then click Save

You can Delete  an open shift by clicking on it on the schedule and choosing Delete at the bottom left.

Creating a Week Template of Open Shifts

Just like regularly scheduled shift, you can save a set of open shifts to use again and again. Here is how:

  1. Create your Open Shifts on the schedule-All week that you would like to use in the future. (You will need to do this in a week view, or it will not work)
  2. If there are other shifts on that same week, then use Add Filter and select Open Shifts under Team Member. click Apply. (This will make sure you only target those open shifts, and not the other shifts you do not want to save)

3. Choose the Copy button in the upper right and choose Create Week Template.

4. Confirm all the shits captured are the ones you want, and name the template. Click Save Template.

To Apply the Template, go to the week in the future  where you want to use it. Choose Copy>Apply Week Template. 

"Picking Up" Open Shifts

You can pick up an Open Shift on your Schedule-Yours by clicking on the Available Shifts button. 

A box like this will pop open. it will contain all available shifts including open and shift cover requests.

Click on the shift you want. Then choose Pick Up Shift.

Employees box will look like this with a big blue button.

Managers & Supervisors will see their option at the bottom.

*Once a shift is picked up it will appear white like any other scheduled shift. 

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