Managing Organizations

What are organizations?

Organizations are at the top of ZoomShift’s structure. Team members, positions, locations, etc. all live within an organization. You can think of an organization as a group of people that share these elements. Most importantly, organizations are completely separate from each other. This means that the data within one organization (shifts, timesheets, preferences, etc.) is not visible from other organizations.

Identifying your organization(s)

When you first create your account your first organization is also made, and that organization's name is displayed in the upper left hand corner of your ZoomShift. This name signifies that you are working within that organization. 

If you click that name a box will open and will display the other organizations within that account, in which you belong. 

It is important to note that if you are the owner you are automatically in all organizations within the account, however, all other Team Members would need to be imported into the other accounts created in order to have access to them. 

Creating an Organization

Only the owner can add a new organization. It can be done by clicking the organization and choosing New Organization from above the drop down list. 

When you click that button a box like the one below will appear

Simply enter in the information and click Create 

Navigating between organizations

To move in and out of organizations in which you belong click the current organization name in the upper left on web and open the drop down. Click the organization you want to go into.

Importing Team Members

When you create a new organization it may include one or more Team Members from an organization you already have. If you want to add one from one of your other organizations simply go into the organization you want to add them to and go to the Team page. 

Then click Tools>Import Via Other Organizations 

This will open up a list of all Team Members in other organizations who are not in this one. Simply check off all Team Members you want to import and choose Import Via Other Organizations at the bottom of the box to finalize it. 

Please note: You will need to add their roles and permissions after importing them, as this information does not import over. 

Deleting Organizations

If you want to delete an organization you can do it by clicking into the organization you want to delete. Going to Settings>Delete Organization.

*Make sure the name of the correct organization is above the Organization Settings header. This will help prevent accidental deletion of the wrong organization. 

Deleting an organization is a permanent decision, so make sure there is no information you want from it before deleting. Once it is deleted it may not be able to be recovered if timesheet records or other information is needed. Since having multiple organizations does not create an extra cost, you may consider just leaving it unused, and archiving all Team Members instead of deleting it. 

Can we do these things on Mobile? 

Yes! All of the above actions aside from Importing Team Members can be done on mobile. 

You can find your organizations by going to Settings>Switch Organization.

From there you will see the option to move between organizations or create a New Organization.

 You can Delete and organization by going to Settings>Delete Organization

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