Why are wage totals not calculating on Schedule/Timesheets/Payroll?

You may notice that there are several areas where wages and hours are calculated out. If you notice wage areas are calculating out to $0, but hours are present next to it, there is a way to resolve this issue. 

Wage totals are tied to what is either manually entered on the shift. 

Or, what is entered in on the Team page under that Team Member. 

Please note- Wages entered on the Team page will apply to all shifts and timesheets for that Team Member that are created after the wage is entered in. Wages entered on the shift only apply to that shift. 

Common Questions: 

Once I enter the wages for my team members, why is the total not automatically totaling on the shifts and timesheets already completed?

When wages are added or updated they only apply to the shifts created after this was completed and not before. In order to get those shifts and timesheets to total out correctly you will need to go into each one and add the wage manually. You can do this by clicking on them and entering in the wage in the Hourly Wage section as seen above . However, once that is complete all the new shifts and timesheets will have the entered wage. 

What if we have a special pay rate for Holiday's or Weekends? 

We do not have an automatic way to complete this task, but it can be done by simply going into those shifts and manually entering the wage. Then as those team members clock in and create timesheets those special wages will be calculated. 

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